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Scrap Galaxy

Spacecraft has been renamed into Scrap Galaxy and released on Steam. If you find it interesting please check it out. This page remains as a time capsule for how it looked in the earlier stages of development.


Demo of the survival mode in Spacecraft. You build a space ship and then fight against waves of AI ships. The game is best played with a Xbox 360 gamepad, or other gamepad.


    AGDG DEMODAY 7 major progress

    • Added new music tracks from Connor O.R.T Linning.
    • Music adapts to game state; build music during building, battle music during battle.
    • New camera tracking system. Uses 3D camera instead of 2D
    • Add recoil to guns.
    • (and much more...)

    Keyboard Controls

    Space Place
    2 Continue tutorial (Y button)
    SHIFT Toggle Ready
    W S Change card
    A D Change Position

    Space Fire
    SHIFT Mines
    Arrow Keys Dash
    W Accelerate
    A D Turn

    StatusIn development
    GenreShooter, Survival
    Tags2D, build, Space

    Install instructions

    Gamepad is strongly recomended. Controls are mapped for a XBox 360 gamepad.


    Spacecraft 6.2.0 AGDG Demo Windows Binary 47 MB


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    Dont offend but it is "singleplayer"

    That is true. The description is for the full and releasedgame. I will update the description to reflect that.