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Skeletal Dance Simulator 2022

Skeletal Dance Simulator is a game made in 5 days for AGDG Demo-day.

"Skeletal Dance Simulator is the cutest way to shake your bones"
– Kill Screen Daily

"Irresistibly cute and fun to play" ★★★★☆
– Softpedia

Skeletal Dance Party

I have released a sequel to Skeletal Dance Simulator. It has taken the good parts from the game and expanded it into a full game. Check out the trailer and links below.


Knights are trying to ruin your dance party! Defend yourself and your disco ball. Pull bodies into the coffin to make more friends.


Drag bodies with Left mouse button.
Kill skeletons with Right mouse button.

Reanimate skeletons via dragging them
unto their feet.



* Added tutorial


* Added Unity Analytics

* Skeletons now move around
* Added reanimation text
* Changed magic particles to voxels

* Added Voxel Wizards
* Added wall clutter
* Added Background
* Moved over to Unity5
* Added ability to jump with space
* Changed wave spawn
* Changed shadows
* Removed 2 ads at game start
* Added ad at game over
* Increased drag force

* Fixed game breaking bug where skeletons actually deals no damage
* Added autodetection of update
* Added newsfeed for my other games

* Necromancer now wears panties
* Lesser drag force
* Boombox with mute button
* Faster camera
* Faster witch turn speed
* Prevent spam resurrection clicking by adding a 0.8 s death time
* Added more clutter to push around
* Fixed that dead skeletons can have health
* All skeletons dies in the end
* Dragging increased
* AI priorities changed.
* Added cute tail


Jesper Tingvall Please visit my website for more games / contact info.


Connor Linning

(c) Jesper Tingvall 2015
Feel free to spread the game as long as you give credits to Jesper Tingvall & Connor Linning and link back to tingvall.pw
Do not sell game, nor parts of it.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
GenreStrategy, Survival
Tags3D, Colorful, Cute, Dark Humor, Physics, Third Person, Voxel


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Skeletal Dance Simulator 2021 12 MB
Skeletal Dance Simulator 2021 25 MB
SkeletalDanceSimulator2022.zip 12 MB
SkeletalDanceSimulator2022.zip 25 MB
SkeletalDanceSimulator2022.zip 14 MB

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Cute game!

Thank you, make sure to check out the 'sequel' Skeletal Dance Party.