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This is a shooting gallery game with a Tobii EyeX tracker. Goal of the game was to investigate how it would effect the gameplay if the AI knew where the player looked. The game is possible to play without an eye tracker but much of the appeal is lost.

How to play

  • Connect and install Tobii EyeX tracker and make sure it works properly.
  • Game works without an eye tracker but it is more fun with one.
  • Start game.
  • Use mouse to aim and click to shoot.
  • Do not let the enemies over to the other side.
  • Kills as many as possible.
  • If the enemies detect that you are looking at them they will run and hide.


Made by 2 happy developers within around 8 hours during HiQ Conference October 2017.


halloweenhuntingv0.2.zip 20 MB

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