• The goal is for the game to end as fast as possible.
  • It ends when you shrink enough to shake off all 2020 infection.
  • You shrink by coughing at green blobs.
  • Avoid getting coughed at by red blobs.
Test 1

This is you. The blue blob represents you, trying to be a healthy individual.

Test 2


Cough to expel matter. Hit others with it to shrink in size. The matter comes back to you if you miss. Get all that 2020 sickness out of your system!

Hold and release left mouse button to cough. The longer you wait and hold in, the more will come out! You risk running out of breath and spoiling your cough if you hold in too long. Red is maximum, but also the danger zone.

Aim at the green blobs. They are healthier and smaller than you. When the green blobs aren't in your vicinity, a green arrow will point towards the closest one.

Avoid the red blobs. They are sicker than you. Keep your distance from them to not get further infected. 


You move using counter-force  from your sneezes and coughs. Click in the direction you want the attack to go and get moved into the opposite direction of your attack

Sneeze to move around quickly, without expelling matter. Click left mouse button to sneeze. You can sneeze as often as you want.

Wanna hide? Sickness particles and players can not get through objects  floating in space. 


This game is developed by Team Space to Sneeze:

Akash Menon

Jesper Tingvall

Jon Widén



Dominion Ero


The game is made in unity and  is inspired by the well-known browser game agar.io, space and of course, the pandemic of 2020.


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fall-game-jam-2020-project-osx.zip 26 MB
Version 1.0.2147.2511
fall-game-jam-2020-project-windows-x64.zip 27 MB
Version 1.0.2147.2511
fall-game-jam-2020-project-linux-x64.zip 29 MB
Version 1.0.2147.2511


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nice, I feel much better now