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You are a Dragon Chef with a fancy egg-restaurant. Your task is to perfectly boil eggs for your customers. A voice controlled Android game.


  • Tap egg buttons down on screen to drop eggs into the vessel.
  • Tap egg to pick it up.
  • To heat the vessel containing the water use your best dragon fire-breath impression and shout into the microphone
  • Once water is boiling the eggs will heat up., water temperature is displayed bottom right.
  • Customer orders will be displayed on top of screen. You need to boil all eggs in an order perfectly before the order's time runs out.
  • When an egg reaches 72 C it is perfectly boiled and will glow green. Click it to pick it up, it will fill the best suited customer order.
  • If an egg's internal temperature is above 82 C it is ruined and will glow red, click it to remove it.


Made during Fall Game Jam 2021 from theme Dragon Egg by

  • Jesper Tingvall
  • Adam Green
  • Sara Erenius


DragonChef.apk 34 MB

Install instructions

The game will ask for permission to use microphone. This is for detecting voice amplitude. Nothing is recorded.

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